Benefits of Vehicle Sharing
Benefits for You and for the Environment

Healthier Cities and Communities: Vehicle sharing reduces the number of cars on the road, and it increases the number of people on the streets. This is a formula for healthier, safer and more pleasant cities with less traffic and easier parking. If you feel that vital cities are important and need to be promoted, participating in a vehicle sharing program of any kind is an excellent way to cast your vote and to contribute to the health of your city.

Flexibility and Choice: As a member of Sofishare, you have access to a variety of vehicles available through our membership network. It's not practical to bring your bicycle with you wherever you may want it, but as a member of Sofishare, you don't have to.

It Saves Money: If you own a vehicle, person-to-person vehicle sharing lets you reduce these costs by renting it out when you don't need it. If you don't, it lets you steer clear of the costs of ownership, while still having an affordable way to get wheels when you want or need them.

Better Traveling: One of the goals of Sofishare is to expand the possibilities for travel, and especially the best kind of travel which often comes from connecting with local people, and having the freedom to venture off of the beaten path. The Sofishare network is open to drivers and car owners around the US and around the world. As of right now, there are already members in 12 countries, and with your help, we can continue to expand this network. As a member of Sofishare, you are an ambassador of green living and traveling wherever you go.

Healthier Economies: The past few years have shown the vulnerability of economies that depend on jobs in unsustainable industries. Since vehicle sharing began to take off, there has been more and more industry attention to ways to make this easier and safer. Your interest in is a way to encourage this trend, and to signal to industry that green can be good for their bottom line.

It Promotes Physical Activity: This is one of the most compelling reasons for vehicle sharing. While driving may technically be "physical activity" we don't know of any study that suggests that more driving will make you healthier or live longer. Whether or not you agree with Hippocrates that "Walking is man's best medicine," you'll probably agree with many health professionals today who advise a lifestyle including more walking and cycling.